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Our company produces special pieces in ceramic biscuit and clay pans for baked powder make-up, using the best available raw materials and the most recent technology in the ceramicforno2 field,like high speed and high precision presses equipped with CNC controlled axis and an automatic roller kiln for a constant and continuous control of the dimensions and cooking parameters in order to guarantee productivity and production flexibility, avoiding quality issues in the final product. Moreover, the high level of automation means a dramatic reduction of human intervention, this together with a continuous quality control during the various production phases, let us guarantee an high quality standard. Our Clay pans production department is fully automatized, from raw material supply till the final packaging, the products are handled by automatic machines, in a continuous flow, where human intervention is limited to the control of the quality parameters (dimensions, hardness, visual aspects...) and the related fine tuning of the machines settings.forno The upper side of the pan is coated with a special glue, that prevent the clay to absorb too much water during the forming process, and it reactivate its adhesive power at around 55°C, during the baking process, to prevent the bulk from sliding away from the pan. We always keep a few thousand parts of every article in our stock, so that it will be quick to satisfy any eventual request for sample, in case you need to realize a pre-series to show to your customers. We build the molds for ceramics in our internal workshop, so as to ensure rapid production times, even for new formats, constant maintenance of the molds and a total control on the quality of the finished products.

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